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We are committed tohelp improve inventory turns and capital utilization, and to reduce storagecosts and management costs of customers.

We have:

Improved warehousingand logistics network, professional custody of products and distribution channels

Powerful globalsupply chain system and advanced e-commerce capabilities.

A lot of demands of more than 1,300 joint customers andpersistent matching and resale of surplus electronic inventories

Excellent resale team for surplus electronic component inventory

Through our disposal ofsurplus inventory of electronic parts, customers can flexibly choose thefollowing three methods:

Disposal method     



We can


A one-time disposal to get cash rapidly

Less recovery of funds

win with the highest price


More recovery of funds, reduced logistics costs

Longer disposing time

Conduct more flexible sales, more professional logistics handling

Sales agency

More recovery of funds and high controllability

Longer handling time, warehousing costs

Give you the highest rate of return


Based on our hugecustomer base in this industry, we will be able to help you digest excess idlestock timely, and help you reduce inventory pressure.

The electroniccomponents which we are interested in include active and passive components,from IC / MCU / Memory / Chipset to resistors, capacitors, and connectors. Atthe same time, we support TT payment; customers can also choose FOB Taiwan /Hong Kong or other factory location of customer.

We hope that our joinwill help customers solve the components of surplus stock to reach thereasonable controls of inventory and to bring new value into current supplychain for our customers.

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